Back To The Square One!

By Anjali Mohapatra • May 3, 2018

It is not far away from the city, but a little away like two and half hours journey from the main city. In fact, it is granted as a place, where people can constrain themselves by practice, from all the evil effects of anger, lust, jealous etc. In one word, we can say 'Self meditation Centre'. Truly, the institution is located in the lap of nature's stunning beauty.

Every year, hundreds of people visit the place to taste the authenticity of the organisation. I was, one among those hundred of visitors. But my visit to that institution was different, like in the verge of a case study to understand the integrity of 'Self Meditation'.

Enthusiastically, I entered into the campus as I had taken the permission in advance. The whole surrounding was calm and quiet. Instantly the quietness reminded me the mythological stories of bygone days of 'Ashrams of sages'. I had to stay there over night to observe the pattern of that silent meditation and its effect on single individual.

Well, people from different places enrol their identity without any specified fees. It is like, the money is donated as per his or her wish, but the moment he or she enrols its name, then the person is completely abandoned from the outside world including its own family members. No more talk, no more connection to anyone whoever it may be.

Starting from the early morning, every single work of each and everyone was finished without uttering a single word. Morning exercise was mandatory for all and that too was demonstrated silently. The only sound which was audible was nothing but the sweet, melodious voice of some birds or the chirping sound. Even I felt contented after staying two days over there. Two days after, I changed my mind and requested the authority to enrol my name for the full course.

My request was sanctioned. But my mind was asking me thousands of questions like 'how far and how many days a person can control it's ever dynamic mind from filthy surroundings when he would be back from this peaceful era?'.

Obviously, I wanted to see the exact effect of the meditation whether it is really working out or not. My parents knew my job, so I had nothing to worry about even if I would be cut off from the outside world for few days. Even though I was following the rules laid by the organisation, it was too difficult to keep my mind under control. As usual it was continuously chattering nonsense.

However, I enjoyed every bit of the beauty of silence over there. The silence was only broken by the innocent, lovely little birds. I became little bit emotional when I was hearing the melodious voice of the cuckoo and the chirping sound of the tiny birds. In the month of May/June when the ground was in boiling temperature, over there it was cool and pleasant. Sometimes, I felt as if the birdies were giving some message to all of us that 'be cool, enjoy the gift of God and be happy whatever you have!' But we, people were too dumb to understand their voice. Anyways, my due was over and I came back home. My parents were eagerly waiting for me. They asked me hundred of questions regarding the organisation. I tried my best to satisfy them with amicable answers.

Well, it was a good experience. Every single work was done silently per day over there which is really too difficult to do in normal day to day life.

Obviously, the training was freshly transmitted in my mind, so there was no question of doing any blunder for few days. But as the days passed, perhaps the same good habits of restraints were blurred. What I mean to say is that without my knowledge after few months, I started getting angry over small matters which I was not supposed to do after this training.

Not for me alone, I marked others those who went through the training had the same attitude as before although a little bit polished. Well, only the frequency of the bad old habits were reduced but not totally eradicated. Then one day I sat alone and analysed my own scenario.

It came to my mind that the stress we have in day to day life in this competitive world is innumerable. The stress, strain and filthy politics with incompatibility of a healthy mind have grabbed us so tightly that it is too hard to break that bond. It is just like "Back to the square one," which means to go back to the beginning!!!

Anybody who would accomplish the restraint power completely would definitely be called as a 'saint or an enlightened one'. Obviously, this is very very rare. But that doesn't mean that we can not control our mind. But to control our own mind, we have to put our own effort not somebody else. By the way, in my opinion these organisations are just like a means to an end. Like they show us or teach us the way how to restrain and control the mind but eventually it is up to us that how much we can grasp it!

Hopefully, I do believe that we can restrain our own mind without the help of any third party too! It just requires how much we practice sincerely!


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