Dad's Precious Gift

By Ndivhuwo Madzivhandila • April 6, 2018

A daughter I was to my biological father. As young as I was I would interpret human actions and expressions. This one time at night sitting watching television with my dad and my younger sister as mother prepared dinner for us, i do not remember what was channeled except for dad sissy and I waiting to dig in. Mother brought the food and went back for more in the kitchen, dad closed his eyes right in front of us, he started praying for the food. "Wow!!" That's what I said to myself as I looked towards my younger sister and shared a precious moment together with a big smile on our faces, as I saw that she was amazed too. As soon as he said 'Amen!', he glowed with a smile on his face as his facial expression said " I can pray too my children, and yes i wanted y'all to witness it". The best moment I had experience in my childhood and yes what a precious gift I had received from my father, i don't know about my little sister but till today I pray a prayer with joy in my heart. If daddy did it so can I. God is alive.


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