My Faith In Humanity Has Been Restored...

By BON • February 15, 2018

Today while I was at work, I was feeling pretty down. I have less than $20.00 in my bank account and live about an hour away from work. So I use quite a lot of gas (about a quarter tank every day I have to work). Well I needed to get gas today, badly, and with gas prices pretty moderately high, I knew I wouldn't have enough to fill my tank and keep it full until pay day (this friday). So I told a random woman who came through my register (I have problem with over sharing with random strangers at work) about my predicament, mostly because I wanted to tell someone, anyone. After she paid for her groceries, she gave me $40.00. I just about cried right there in front of her. She told me to fill my tank, and to enjoy my day. Thank you ma'am, for restoring my faith in humanity. Thank you for giving a total stranger some hope that I can make it to work through the week. Just thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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