What Happiness Is

By Anon • January 8, 2018

I’d just like to remind everyone here that you don’t need constant euphoria to be happy. Happiness is when, despite the inevitable negative aspects of your life, you always feel at peace and, even if you’re unhappy right now, you’re at least satisfied knowing the future may be more positive.

Before you dismiss this completely, thinking that it’s not easy to feel this way in your current circumstances, you should realize that I’m not telling you the solution is to magically have a positive outlook on life. This is the goal, not the method. Even if you’re not satisfied or at peace now, you should try to escape that state, even if you can’t right now. There’s always some way out, even if by doing it you’re risking a lot, and if that’s the only way, you have nothing to lose anyway, don’t you?


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