Respect Has Age No Bar

By Hetal • October 28, 2013

I still remember that day.. The day I was at a complex to reach to an ATM outlet to get some cash for some minor shopping.

Amongst the crowd that was around the complex, what did not go unnoticed was a small boy carrying incense sticks, 2 packets in his hand and the remaining in his small cloth bag.

The boy could have been around 10-12 years wearing thick spectacles. He was roaming around people asking them to buy his sticks. I do not think any one bought those sticks from him but from what I saw on his face, he was determined anyway.

I decided to go and talk to him. I went to him and asked him "Do you go to school?" He gave an affirmation. I asked him "Then why do you sell these sticks?". He gave an awkward pause. I offered him Rs. 20 and said that I was in no need of the sticks and that he can keep the money. His expression changed. That expression had such a big impact on my mind that his face is still vividly there in my memory. Very sternly, he answered me "Either you buy the sticks or you take back the money". I was flabbergasted. I told him I will buy two packets of his sticks.

I took those sticks home. Such self respect from a boy of his age and in a situation of need? It was an eye opener. He could have taken the option of begging. He could have easily taken the Rs. 20 and left. But he chose to sell his sticks and take the money deservingly and not out of sympathy. I will never forget this lesson in my entire life.


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