Silver Lining

By Katherine • January 27, 2012

They say everything has a silver lining.... well my fiance and I got to put that to the test a few months ago when our house was broken into. A decent amount of material things were taken right out from under us, which was, of course, upsetting to say the least, but the two of us were also having a hard time rationalizing how this could have happened to us, where to go from there, blah blah blah... our home, our supposed-to-be comfort zone suddenly had a dark cloud over it. With each day we rebuilt, deciding what things meant the most to us and replacing those things, accepting the loss of things we could live without, and somehow we were left with just enough to afford a little bundle of joy that we had been dreaming of getting. Now our home belongs to the most precious little jelly bean, a French bulldog named Tater. No dark clouds can come near us anymore now that she's a part of our family, and without the difficult cards that we were dealt a few months ago, we wouldn't have been able to bless our house with that sweet girl. Obstacles are gonna show up here and there, and things may not go exactly according to plan, but if you keep your head and your heart on track, you will always get back on it, and just wait... your Tater will show up and make everything even better than it was :)


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