My Friends Are Robust!

By Kainaat Niaz • July 10, 2017

Bondage or relationship means a lot in one’s life. Sometimes it’s hard to evaluate or comprehend the intensity of any sort of affiliation. Probably when we let ourselves governed or administrated by the one we consider as our precious person. But you know why we do this? Because we start considering people more reliable than our own selves. We start putting them and their opinions above ourselves and our verdicts. We trust them more than they deserve (maybe). And we do this just because we love them? But what happens when the other person doesn’t respond the same way and leaves you alone somewhere in the middle of an argument or incident. What would you feel right at that stage? Have you ever come across such feelings? I had never felt the same that’s why I couldn’t describe it well but I have heard and seen a lot. I have seen people suffering to get affection or adoration from the ones who were ones close to them. What I consider appropriate is instead of hurting or destroying one’s own self, he/she must know the value he/she has in front of the other secure relations, resting aside that particular one. No life is lame enough to be scratched, misused, and destroyed so easily. Why don’t you recognise the worth your life has? Why don’t you think about those flawless appealing blessings your God has bestowed you with? Why you start crying over the lame belongings which were not meant to be yours. Why? Why you crave for that person when he/she doesn’t care for you at all? Why you even think of becoming sluggish, an impotent immature guy? Have you ever assumed how your parents have borne to raise you up and have you ever ponder what you are delivering to them?

My friends, here I did a small effort to let you know about the worth of LIFE. LIFE means Learning, Inspiring, Fighting and Excelling in different fields and trials. Show gratitude for what you are already loaded with, and ask your desires to show some sympathy and balance. PLEASE. Be grateful for the already gifted benedictions. Don’t run after the self-abolishing immortal desires. Like when you start begging for someone’s time or affection, it’s the particular moment when you start diminishing and letting down your self-respect if you really had. But I will never support such conduct. People can easily overthrow a weedy person but not the ones who are stronger in their beliefs and actions. I want people to stand erect and confident and show some courage by experiencing the power of moving on if anybody leaves you without any valid reason. Never try to make your life miserable for that self-concerned person. Move on for the sake of yourself and for the betterment of a society. Don’t be among the ones who ruined their real purpose of life just for the sake of a desire? Reminisce that the person who left you at the mercy of the cruel world won’t deserve your tears, time and emotions. I agree it’s sordid when someone cheats on you, it’s the worst feeling to embrace but still, it’s your calibre to show some power or strength. Throw away the unpleasant memories and moments from your thoughts. Be patient and wait for what destiny has planned for you and believe me it had better plans beyond imagination. Make your ambitions high and purpose great. Make your living admirable to others and satisfying to your own selves. Solve the tussles and envisage your future bright by performing hard work, dedication, and honesty. Spread love and peace instead of abhorrence, self-centredness, and irritation. Be real, simple and tolerating. Live love and adore life in its true colours!


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