A Fluffy Tale

By Gayathri.M. • June 7, 2017

It's your best buddy... the one who senses you coming home from about a mile away wagging its tail nineteen to the dozen,ready to lick your face and happily bounce around you, the one who will eventually end up sleeping cosily at your feet and the first person to wake you up, pawing at you and disturbing your perfect dream until you are forced to open your eyes and cuddle it...you guessed it right...its your dog!

While our day begins and eventually ends with some electronic gadget or the other, a close observance of my dog made me realize that a totally different world is waiting for us out there and we just didn't discover it yet....Ever thought of observing the casual passing of cars from your balcony while the cool breeze of the aftermath of a rain whips your face? Or realized that while we are continuously glued to the TV screen, dogs are in a totally different world of chewing up all your doormats or chasing that poor old lady who keeps trying to pay us a friendly visit?

Look into the eyes of your dog and all you can see there is immense love for you and trust....that no matter what happens, it is sure that you will always be there to take care of it and love it. The way it follows you with its soulful eyes when you step outside for school or the way it jumps at you to eat the delicious thing you wave in its face....all of these show that love doesn't always need words to be expressed....sometimes the smallest gestures are filled with enormous love....

Our dog may not say it, but it definitely loves us a lot, even if it sometimes tries to bite our hand off when we don't give it what it wants! So,in a nutshell, all I want to say is that there is so much more to life...all we need to do is explore it!So stop texting and start loving!!!


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