Smile Please

By Sonia Kaur • May 27, 2017

Smile please!!!! Because you look beautiful and everybody wants to look beautiful. Girls spend a lot of time and money in beauty parlor to enhance their beauty but become stingy in smiling. Who explains that smiling is the real beauty? The smiling face does not need a make up. You are beautiful, you are blessed, you are flourished, you are happy etc all the positive thoughts bring smile on the face. Smile please because it makes a lot difference in your life.

When you start smiling, a certain type of positivity enters into your life and if your attitude is positive then everybody gets attracted towards you. Just think, when we go to any departmental store for shopping we always grab discounted things or buy one get one free items. So smile is a gift given by God then why such a hesitation in smiling? Smile as much as you can, trust me girls, you all will look very beautiful and trust me boys, you all will be very handsome. Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful. --Thich Nhat Hanh.

Smile is a most powerful thing in the world. How? A picture of smiling person brings smile on your face. When you smile at someone, you are making a cordial relationship with them because every relation or friendship starts with just a smile. You always smile at those people with whom you love and you want to talk to.

Smile is a connection. It creates bond between many people. Smile is a thread that bound the people together as many as you like. For smile one needs to be a giver because giving is the greatest virtue of all. Giving just mere a toffee brings smile on a child's face and smile on a giver's face. So start giving and start smiling. This is called an internal smile which comes only from giving. Spread your smile with others because this is the most beautiful gift you have received from God.

For the smiling face, it is important to have a good behavior as to talk with love and yes patience as well. So smile please relentlessly.

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness”- William Arthur ward. Always bring smile on others face through video, nice jokes, with abundance of love and yes the most beautiful thing in this world is listening because everybody has a lot to share and by listening you will get a lot to learn. You will have lots of friends because listening is an art and it needs lots of practice, you can never get this art only at once because we are so quick to speak.

Spread your smile with others Do good deeds. The best deed is to give love. When you spread love you will get back in abundance and love is the simplest way to smile. Just imagine when anybody's desire is fulfilled or he or finds something that is more than his status, think about the curiosity that he will feel, we will be so happy to see his happiness, dancing and jumping. This is the happiness we always look for but we always try to find in a selfish manner and in return we find sorrow, pain, grief etc. What happens next we become more frustrated and run more after materialistic things and money. Make a habit of giving. Giving gives a great deal of happiness but because of ignorance we could not find happiness.

Thoughts play a vital role for a smiling face. Look, when we think of a loved one, we keep on smiling ourselves. Imagine if we make our habit of thinking good and generous thoughts than we will always be smiling and nobody can steal our smile. It will always remain on our face.

Politeness, love and respect. These three things everybody wants. I always try to put love, politeness and respect in my words and you know in return hands in hand I get abundance of love and blessings. Whenever the aunt living in my neighborhood speaks, most often she speaks one thing 'bless you' and these two words bring a smile on my face.

Ever since we are going through bad times, then smiling for us is very difficult. What to do then we have to make a habit of smiling. We don't tell the world that we are sad, the world doesn't make any difference when are upset, people will go away to explain but nobody will understand you beside God then why to show our despair to people when people have no concern with our problems. My dear friends open your heart to the Lord because he is the only one who is with you even here and after life. Make God your friend and you yourself be a good friend of others and make every effort to bring a smile on the faces of others, then you will always be happy.

For a beautiful smile try to keep your thoughts pure because when there are good thoughts in the mind then your face will always be smiling. For good thoughts you need to do good deeds. Every person has a dream world in it he sees himself as a hero but because of ups and down most of the time he seems to have negative thoughts and because of this his dream world also causes sorrow. Now the question arises how we can get rid of these thoughts? Good thoughts come from just good deeds and a beautiful smile. The smile makes everything beautiful.

Smile like a child, there is no smartness, just naive, never cheat on anyone, keep the simplicity in heart, and just love. Listen to your heart, accept yourself, spread happiness. Keep smiling and by being happy teach people to laugh and live and yes do give time and attention to your parents because this is a beautiful gift that you can give to your parents and bring smiles on their face. So keep smiling and spread peace. “To me nothing in the world is as precious as a genuine smile, especially from a child.”~ Rumi

I hope you guys like it. May God bless you all with spiritual healthy wealthy long life and with good destiny.


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