Top 20 Inspirational Quotes

By Matshona Dhliwayo • April 24, 2017

1. You can dance through any storm if thunder is music to your ears.

2. A flower blooming in the desert has greater strength than a tree flourishing in a rain forest.

3. Your brightest self is revealed in your darkest moments.

4. Today's tears water tomorrow's gardens.

5. Raise your thoughts, not your fists.

6. Counting each day's blessings helps you overcome each week's troubles.

7. You cannot marry your past without divorcing your future.

8. The most beautiful rainbow is the one inside your soul.

9. Pray for your needs, not your greed.

10. Count your summers, not your winters.

11. If an ant carries an object a hundred times its weight, you can carry burdens many times your size.

12. Beautiful rainbows are formed in ugly storms.

13. Be a star in someone's dark sky.

14. Raise your love so high that anger cannot reach it.

15. Be too great, like the Sun, to retaliate when lesser men throw stones at you.

16. It is possible to continue turning the other cheek when one has stopped counting.

17. No one can stop you from shinning if you are standing in your own light.

18. Persevere like a seed; even when people try to bury you, flourish.

19. Be like stars; instead of cursing the darkness, shine.

20. Your inner light has the power to light up the world.


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