A Journey Of Faith (My Testimony)

By JB Rebancos • April 21, 2017

Once there was a girl who used to be at the waiting shed. She stayed there for a long period of time. The sun shines and the rain pours. Still... she stayed... and waited. While other travelers just go on with their own journey, the girl waited patiently. Maybe she's waiting for someone... or something.

Just when she was about to give up, her ride has finally arrived. Through a big step of faith, she hopped in. Didn't know where to go.. how long the travel is.. She just go with the flow. After all, she has no other choice. At first she felt like she's going nowhere. Like she's going around in circle. But as soon as she start to trust the ONE who takes the wheel, her heart change. Excitement stirs up! Hope arises! Joy overflows!

Now, she's not in the waiting shed anymore. She is enjoying her journey. Every part of it. The bumpy road. The stop over. Those people journeyed with her. The beautiful scenery.. Her journey to the place He promised her...

Her journey to be with Him forever.



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