Depression Can Be Cured

By Kainaat Niaz • April 20, 2017

I want to tell you about depression which is a kind of disorder that side by side kills you internally, all emotional and physical activities gets disturbed by it. I have seen people suffering from depression due to loss of loved ones, genetics as depression can run in families, mental sickness, by usage of drugs, or it also takes place when one starts a job, or getting married etc. may be due to stress. So here is my little effort for people who are suffering from this severe problem.

Depression typically encompasses sleep problems either makes you sleep little or more. It effects brain and stress patterns as well. The basic therapy for depression are antidepressant which increase the levels of brain chemicals, causes efficiency. Medical treatment or usage of anti-depressants can antidote depression. One who is in a dire need or want quick recovery should go for it otherwise natural remedies can do best to overcome depression without having any side effects.

First you have to realise the reason behind depression. What’s making you sad? What are reasons behind your failure? Some of the natural factors that reduce depression includes the quality of food, body movements etc.

Abstain processed food, fast food and commercial baked goods which cause depression. Research has concluded that more unhealthy fats one consume, higher will be the risk of depression. We have to replace vegetable oils with olive oil that declines the risk of depression by almost 50 percent. Coconut oil is also good in this regard, which feeds brain.

Secondly, exercise is the best things for uplifting moods. It regulates circulation to supply more oxygen, glucose, and nutrients to brain. Regular physical exercise can do better than SSRIs (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors), drugs used for the treatment of depression. Outdoor exercise can do far better than indoor exercise, it increases liveliness, interest and interaction with the surroundings. It can also lower stiffness, sadness and lethargy. Under favourable circumstances it can replenish our vitamin D storage which have the ability to lift our moods. Sun in this regard is more beneficial.

Meditation is one of the best ways to settle depression. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University concluded that meditation is beneficial for mental disorders of all kinds.

According to the studies, people who are depressed express nearly 50 percent less gratitude than the normal ones. Gratitude is riddled by emotions such as greed, frustration, resentment, and regret which are the characteristics of depression so in order to feel stress-free and comfortable pay thanks every day for all the blessings you have.

Take care of your health and physical appearance. Talk of what you need and what you don’t. Instead of keeping dual personalities be real and simple. Try to think, perceive, and act positive. Don’t let negative thoughts, feelings of uselessness and loneliness, and fears govern you!


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