My Goal

By Kainaat Niaz • April 19, 2017

I am actually the only sister to four brothers. I was living a quiet satisfying life till 5th class when I faced my father’s death. It shattered me away, crushed my soul and enforced me to live a life without having admiration, love, support, and care of a father. Finally I lived through it.

My father wanted to see me as a doctor, and because of his wish I tried to work hard. My father like brothers did supported and helped me in this process. I scored good marks in matric and FSC exams but didn’t go that well in my entry test for govt. medical institutions. But I am happy today bcz I am finally getting my degree of Masters in English Literature. Besides this I felt many a times bit harsher incidents. And yes during my FSC I got engaged too. It brought happiness to my life. I am not married yet but I am happy and contented in my life.

Whenever I tried to see that if I am sad for any bad incident in my life. My soul answers by saying that No! You are not. Why? Why I am not sad for I am living without father’s pampering? I am living with the fact that the goal I wished to achieve was not obtained. I am not living a very luxurious life. I am just a normal being. Why I am not famous? Why I am not that affluent?

The reason I find in my life besides my happiness and satisfied nature is my gratitude or humbleness towards whatever my fate has given me. Yes. I am rather thankful to every harsh incident I faced because that made me more ambitious, strong and determined. I also advice all my readers to just to do your bests and accepts the results because It’s you that matters not the thing you wanted to achieve. Satisfaction, gratitude and contentment can do wonders if you follow.

As famously quoted:

"Mind is it's own place can make a hell of heaven and a heaven of hell."


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