A Positive Turn Of Events

By GameSnark • March 29, 2017

The last few years have been difficult ones. Between leaving my hometown, friends, and family except for my wife behind; and doing it all for a job which is a hostile workplace, I've really struggled with finding positive things to say.

Finally, though, things are really looking up! I'll be leaving my job in a handful of weeks in order to move my wife and I closer to family; this morning, I found out that I'm being accepted into the Ph.D. program for my major at the school I wanted to attend; and my wife and I are getting ready to have our first child. I'm just about crying at my desk because of how happy I am right now.

To be honest, I'm mostly babbling at this point because of how excited I am; but if you're reading this and would like a deeper meaning to the story, here's what I would say: never give up, no matter how horrible things feel. It may seem as if nothing's going to change or get better, but you'd be amazed how much events can turn around.


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