I Don't Know

By Rick • March 27, 2017

Life is strange at best. Many don't get along. Many reach out and help others in need. Many just take for themselves. I have taken, given, helped, and been helped, and not gotten along. What feels good to my ego is great, but hollow compared to making another feel good. Why is that? Have you noticed that? I don't know what it means though. Maybe we aren't alone. Maybe we are connected somehow. Maybe without others feeling better we could never hope to feel better ourselves. I don't know.

Some don't care at all about a single other, except to use them for some personal advantage. Maybe they even know less than me. Is it possible they don't know we are all connected? Will they never feel the wonder of making another feel wonderful? I wonder. But I don't know.

I feel I am slowly learning. When I share, and help, and give in little ways I see others giving too. Maybe we are a large pool of connections. With each giving we receive. With each taking we are drained. I wish I knew.

My latest teacher was a young man who took my small, single item, order at a drive-in restaurant. It was busy and he forgot to deliver it. After 10 minutes I inquired. He apologized and said, "I got you covered, no charge." Indeed! He was part of our great collective, one of it's energy sources. I do not want you to think any less of the awesome help I receive almost daily from many others. I have taken and given help valued in hundreds of dollars, and some help was priceless. But this learning was simple and clear. Are we all part of a gigantic collective of good when we make it that way? I don't really know, but I feel I'm learning.


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