World Water Day

By Amol Lanke • March 24, 2017

Wishing all A happy 'World Water Day'

Simple message, Conserve and preserve water for the future generations.

Water: (A Poetry Attempt)

Without you not being with us, certainly does matter, The globe will die away if there's not enough water.

Oceans, rivers, springs, pools you are sighted everywhere,

Such vast is your expanse that your vision fails to stare.

You give the smile and joy by pouring in form of rain,

With disasters like floods you also have the power to bless us pain.

You clean us, quench our thirst and have uses so many,

You are such priceless but yet we calculate you in penny.

You were free and abundant when humans were few,

With such massive wastage, we need to search you afresh new.

Almighty's blessing, yet people added you price tag,

Once abundant you, now remained in stores in bottles and bag.

Water is a resource natural with uses so many,

People globally know this but still waste it, isn't that funny?

How vital it is, just ask to a person in desert or place where its rare,

Then will realise that its precious and for wastage we won't dare.

When its drapped on face it signifies feeling refreshing,

When it flows down the eyes, you know in life something's missing.

Craving for you, yearly million people globally die,

We all know this well, then still the undue wastage why?

Water is life, water is god, water is amongst the most special gift,

Preserve and converse it, so that easily in future humanity can drift.

- © Amol Lanke


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