Enjoy The Moment

By Chris • October 3, 2013

This morning I went out for a run with my dog as usual, but on the way back I did something different. I was walking by a small park when this amazing cool breeze stopped me in my tracks. I stood there for a few seconds, closed my eyes and took a deep breath through my nose.

When I opened my eyes I noticed a bench just a short distance away so I thought instead of heading back inside and sitting down in front of my computer for work, I would take a few minutes and really enjoy this moment.

I sat down and stared down at the grass while the breeze continued to come and go. I noticed a small berry on the ground and it immediately took me back to my childhood. My parents had a tree next to their house that grew berries and I would often pick them off standing in the grass bare foot.

During those moments, I had forgotten about all of the stress, debt, and problems in my life. All that ran through my body was pure happiness and joy. Work, bills, deadlines...none of that mattered anymore.

So the next time you have an opportunity to enjoy the moment, do it. That very moment in time will never come again.


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