My Entitlement

By Ndivhuwo Madzivhandila • March 17, 2017

Maybe I was not entitled to be in the field were other people are; offices, departments, or out doors. All my life was to sit in doors and do nothing, until I have come to a point and rich my entitlement. Light is in every corner of the room, you just need to stop blinking and see.

It doesn't matter what you see whether is shelves, pots, watches or buckets.

Find your space and see through what you see.

My life is ineffable, what about yours?.

I have come to realize that I was meant to stay in closed doors to find my vision and make peace with it in order to live my dream.

I am not just a writer but I was born to express words in different ways, to touch every heart of a soul that is deep within.

Not that I have just woke up feeling into this no!, my day started with sadness, pain and blankness but I chose to indulge myself into the light.

At Aurora, never be angry at yourself of being where you are right now, it is for a reason but it needs your choice too choose if is good or bad.

It doesn't matter what is happening around you, find your inner peace and see what is happening within you first.

Life only brings incandescent only if you embrace it.

As young as I am I will stand firm and raise my voice not to be heard but to live my entitlement.

I feel much empowered by my guts because I am far from negativity.

I am were I'm supposed to be at the exact time of which I'm making it useful creating foundation of my desires.

I believe I am a writer and nobody will take that away from my soul.

Let me be and continue live my success.

I have found mine(entitlement), find yours too.


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