Listen To Your Heart And Live Accordingly

By Harsha • March 6, 2017

Listen to your heart and live accordingly (part -2)

We let go of the life, what we have planned for, and try to accept the one that is ahead of us. Fear paralyses everyone from living their dream life. Pain is temporary, if you forget this, pain will take the place of your success, and it permanently let you down. There is no royal road to achieve anything. Definitely you will get hurt many times, while you are striving for success. If it hurts you real bad on your way to success, don't ever step back. Its enough for you to understand that, you are still ALIVE and MOVE AHEAD. Even in chess, If things go wrong, king have to make a move by one step, in order to protect his kingdom. Don't ever think like, life is punishing me in each and every step. It's easy for everyone to stay at bottom by not taking any risks. Its the time guys, to show to yourself that, "How great you are!!!". We all know that, No one can hit as hard as life. I don't know how tough you are, life will beat you to your knees to test how much hits you can take!

So don't let down your courage, and keep moving forward, that how winner is done.

Invest your time and effort on yourself, to see the better you.


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