Death Is On The Corner

By Sonia Kaur • February 22, 2017

You never know when you have to die, not even in the morning of your last day, no even the last minute of your life and we have forgotten death even I have also forgotten. Whenever we talk about death life is also mentioned, when we talk about life one question arises in my mind that are we truly living or just passing the days of life? “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.” Norman Cousins.

Now how to live? “Learn how to die, and you learn how to live.'” -- Tuesdays with Morrie. Very true, we all want to die very peacefully and painlessly, nobody wants to die accidentally or critically. How can we die easily? We should first think about it how can we die easily? In my opinion “I want to die peacefully and painlessly. So now how can I die peacefully and painlessly? The answer is I have to live in peace and spread peace everywhere. It is a big deal. I know living peacefully is very difficult specially in today's world but I have to do so because I want to die peacefully. Just think about this sentence “Learn how to die, and you learn how to live.” You will know the meaning of life and learn how to live because our life decides our death. I have read this book many times 'Tuesdays with Moorie” and every time this book changes my perspective of life. Everybody should read this book.

Nothing goes with us beside our karma. World is with us till we are alive after that only soul travels body to body. Who am I? I am a soul now What is soul? Soul is a part of God as the rays are part of sun. The need of the soul is God, love, happiness, peace, humanity. Our body is happy with things but soul is happy in giving because it is a nature of soul. Body is called boy or girl but soul has no gender. We first need to feed our soul with love, purity, happiness, joy, pleasure, peace etc as I have mentioned above. As long as our soul is in the body we can feed it after that you can do nothing because body is given to us for our soul. Body has relations but soul has no relation. First feed your soul then feed your body because as long as soul is in body, body needs to be healthy. Soul is very disappointed in unhealthy body.

What is karma? Karma are our actions, our words, our thoughts. We have to concentrate on our karma. The first and biggest bad karma we make when we are angry. I know it is difficult to control anger but we should try. Controlling breath helps us a lot you can get information in Buddhism. Breathing technique.

As long as soul dwells in the body. Body also needs its comfort. God gives us lots of bounties but we always run after what we don't have. How to get more? By being thankful for what we have. Just imagine if you didn't have what you have right now how your life would be? I will tell how your life would be. You might be running after these things you have right now. Think about it! Let's enjoy what we have before we lose it and cry for it. Remember one thing nothing goes with us after death then why to wait for the right moment. Every moment is right if we start enjoying. The things we have got not only non-living things but living things as well will not go with us. Everything will be left behind then what are you waiting for. Start living, this is the right moment. Make a list for 50 days in which write down what I have done today which have made me happy and what I have done which has given happiness to others. At least bring smile to somebody's face. Pray for others. Just! check your thoughts and search how and what you can enjoy. Make a list of your favorite things and try to enjoy everything you are given by God.

We always make our self busy in useless works and ignore our relationships. We cannot imagine what comes next and all of us have forgotten that death is on the corner. Maybe ours or may be our loved ones. Do spend time and value your loved ones before you lose them forever, think about their happiness. Being selfless is good sometimes. I have lost my dad unexpectedly so I can imagine that death is very rude, it never gives you a single moment when it comes. Death is that bitter truth and the only thing which comes without informing and takes a person very far away who can never return. “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” Audrey Hepburn. The biggest problem is that we have forgotten that one day we have to die. Nobody lives forever. When we start spending time with our loved ones we can get rid of many problems like depression, loneliness, several diseases etc. Everything is important but excess of everything is bad.

You have only this moment. Make most of it because slowly time is flying and you are getting old. Every age has its own enjoyment. When will you start living. Don't delay your works, your important things like your relationships, wear your favorite dress today, eat your favorite food right now, hang out with friends, respect every religion and every person whether he is poor or rich because every person is important in our life, and yes do charities. Watch your thoughts, actions and words because these become your karma. Remind yourself after some days that DEATH IS ON THE CORNER, you never know when it knocks on your door and nobody can escape from it.

I hope you guys like. May God bless you all with spiritual healthy wealthy long life and with good destiny.


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