Late Valentine

By Terri Rimmer • February 20, 2017

Stopped off at Kroger and as usual this time of year, saw the Girl Scouts selling cookies as I have about 3-4 times this month but can't buy any. I was a scout so it always touches my heart. This time when I was going in one of them was really hamming it up trying to sell cookies which was so cute. As I was headed out with my stuff, I was behind a guy who was buying a single red rose and I thought, "Aw, he's trying to get in good with his girlfriend the day after Valentine's by getting the day after sales."

But, no, that wasn't it at all.

As we both headed outside past the Girl Scouts table I noticed that little Girl Scout who was so happy before was upset for some reason. I guess when he went in the store after me he noticed.

He handed her the red rose and said, "Here ya go. I'm Steve. I hope you feel better."

She brightened right up! And her mom and 2 strangers said, "Awww!"

Another said, "What a sweet man!"


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