Be Positive

By Sonia Kaur • February 14, 2017

Be positive whatever happens because God is with you, be positive if you are going through hard times, so what, this is life and everybody has to go through, be positive hard days come for our betterment, be positive everything happens for a reason, be positive at the end everything will be in your favor.

I know some situations are very painful. I have also faced in my life and I always pray to God to show me the right path, If I am wrong then tell me. God is always there for you. He will help you and guide you through people, through some messages, through some videos etc. You must have noticed that sometimes we are very upset and searching an answer for our problem and suddenly you get some message or video message anything, that will give you an answer or show you the right path. That is God, communicating with you. So never disheartened yourself be strong and be positive. Everything is happening for some reason, you won't understand at that time but with the passing days you will start understand. “God never ends anything on a negative; God always ends on a positive.” Edwin Louis Cole.

Be Always positive and encourage others. Life always shows you two paths though days are good or bad, you only have to select how you react? Positive or negative. If you are positive then hard days become good and if you select negativity than you cannot be happy in any situations. “In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.” Dalai Lama. What to do to be positive, all you need is to smile because smile is the solution of many problems. Smile is the biggest solution of loneliness. It attracts people to be your friends. Nobody likes irritable people. Positive thinking attracts good health.

In my previous writing 'Positive Thinking.' I have mentioned that Positive thinking attracts blessings. So very true. When you wake up in the morning with good mood then everything happens good because we are attracting positive energy and if in the bad mood then every situation start irritating us. Think about it. It happens with me. So make it your habit to count your blessings only not your flaws because blessing attracts blessing in abundance and everybody like abundance.

Meditation helps us to overcome our flaws like negative thinking, anger, jealous, frustration, inferiority complex etc. Meditation doesn't need specific place or specific time. You can meditate anytime and anywhere. There are many meditation techniques like listening, breathing, chanting etc you can select according your comfort level. Breathing technique is best for busy people because you can concentrate on your breath anytime.

Be thankful for what you have because God first fulfill our need then our wish. We always run after what we want and forget about our needs. Let God fulfills your wishes according to his time because God is never late and you just enjoy what you have before you loose.

Positive affirmation is the best way for being positive always. You can make any positive sentence according to your wish and repeat it. You will get result within a day. First result is you start feeling relaxed, but remember never use don't, can't in your sentence. In my opinion the best positive affirmation is whatever God is doing is for my betterment and whatever God will do is for my betterment. Complete surrender to God is the best way to lead positive and relaxed life.

Try to avoid negative people, negative situation, negative matters and surround yourself with positive energy like positive people, read positive books and quotes, go out for a walk in any park area because nature spread positive energy.

Thoughts play an important role in our life. What you think you attract. Always think positive thoughts not only for you but for others as well. “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” -- William Shakespeare. Our thoughts become our words and if you think something negative like illness then suddenly replace your thought in health, think about health. If you think about poverty then replace it with wealthy thoughts. “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results.” — Willie Nelson. Use positive words in your language like happy, blessed, lucky, satisfied etc. Words also attracts energy.

Positive thinking is must if you want to be happy and want to spread happiness. For being positive. First set a goal that I want to live a positive, happy and peaceful life. Now think and search how to be positive and start follow everything which makes you positive. Always remember people always attract to positive people whether they themselves are negative. For being positive you should be true to yourself. Don't be diplomatic. So what if you have problems, everybody has. What's new in it? If life is full of problems then life is full of happiness as well. It's up to you what you select, to be positive or negative. Be selective in making friends because everybody has different vibrations and you have to escape yourself from negative vibrations.

Be a good listener because when you will listen then you start realizing that not only you other people are also facing problems, may be more than you, more painful than yours.

Make your presence positive so that people start loving you. Spread happiness, always smile, spread kindness. Be an example, so that people learn to live from you. Teach everybody how to smile in every situation. Spread positive energy and do read good books to remain positive because books help a lot and remember all the successful people in the world like Brack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison etc they have set an example with positive thinking. They all have faced failure and overcome their every failure with hard work and positive thinking. Do read biographies of successful people for encouragement.

I hope you guys like this. May God bless you all with spiritual healthy wealthy long life and with good destiny......


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