How To Lead A Happy Life?

By Sonia Kaur • February 3, 2017

We are sent in this world to live, to be happy, to love and to be loved, to laugh, to give, to take, to help etc. Life means to live, to make most of it. You never know what comes next so live fully. Make your life extra ordinary. Be an example, be an inspiration. Live as people learn to live from you. Make your life beautiful.

First of all the main thing in our life is God. Never forget him and never take him for granted. Only God loves us as we want to be loved. He gives us every comfort. He fulfills our every desire, forgives us, gives us beyond our limitations and without any expectations. God is so kind and merciful with us.

Love is the second name of God. Love is the essence of life. Life is incomplete without love. Love is the most beautiful feeling which can only be felt. We cannot give anything to God because we take from him but we can give to his creation. Love everything around you have. Not only living but non-living things as well. Love itself is the happiest feeling. We are incomplete without love. Whenever you are giving love you yourself feel completed. Gardening is the best way to love because when we bow seed and then it will become a plant then who will be happy? You will be happy.

Happiness is one thing everybody searching for but only few know how to be happy. People try to find happiness in materialistic things and get into depression and loneliness. Happiness comes from within. It is an inside job. Materialistic things give only comfort not happiness. I have seen many people having expensive beds without having a sound sleep, having a family but no love, having thousands of friends without having a good friend etc. There is a lack of love, honesty, loyalty in every relation. So how long happiness exist. Happiness always comes from giving and sharing whatever you have. “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved”. George Sand.

Always remember the key of happiness in our life is to give more and expect nothing. Expect and ask only from God. Don't get upset if you haven't got a good friend, be the one. Don't get upset if you don't get love, start giving to others. In this world everybody is expecting instead of giving. Very few people are givers that is why very few are happy among us. Old generation like our grand parents, they all had led a great life because there was no place of hatred in their life. They live as they are born to give. Today's generation is suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, loneliness etc because they are not taught to give. Giving is a good virtue.

Charity or kindness is the biggest part of life that is why in every religion, these are pressurized. “When we practice loving kindness and compassion we are the first ones to profit.” -Rumi. One only need to give one tenth of his income for humanity. If you don't have enough income to give, moreover nothing to give then whatever you have you can share. Even a smile works wonder. “Prophet Muhammad regarded smiling to a brother as an act of charity.”-Unknown.

Be Always thankful for what you have because with time if we receive new blessings then we lose something old as well. This is the rule of life we have to accept everything good or bad, but yes we can create our destiny by spirit of giving. The biggest happiness in life is to complete surrender. Accept everything as it comes and you will eventually get everything without struggling. Remember accepting life doesn't mean to sacrifice your wishes or comforts. God always fulfill our wishes, always give whatever we want and we need but in his own way. When we demand we get but we have to struggle, wait because we always wish according to our intelligence and God gives according to his capacity. So complete surrender to God and get stress free life and all the comforts.

Be friendly with everyone and try to love everybody as they are. We always complaint that we haven't got a good friend. Nobody understands us. Do we are a good friend or do we understand everybody? No, because we always ask despite giving. Look into yourself, you yourself is a good friend and full of love. You don't need friendship, you need to be a good friend and good listener and get surrounded with a bulk of friends. If we faithfully observe our own self then we realize that we are better listener than to speaker. So be a good listener. If you really need a good friend or good listener than I will suggest you God. God is the best friend and listener as well. He always there for you and he is the only one who never cheats on you, never reveals your secret though you forget him.

Be positive all the time and try to maintain your peace of mind. It is very necessary. If you are not peaceful you cannot be happy so how can you be positive and create good bounding in your every relationship. Think positive and always encourage others you will be automatically encouraged. Do what you want. Be yourself and never copy others because your journey is different.

Spending time with family also gives pleasure. How much family is important we only realize after loosing them. Place family in your life after God because family is a very beautiful gift of God to us and many orphans don't get this gift. You can value your family when you go to an orphanage and listen to them.

Meditation helps a lot for happiness. It reduces negativity and improves concentration, you can clearly focus towards your goal and with meditation you can understand yourself completely. To be very frank, my goal is to be happy because I love happiness so i always avoid stressful situations, relationships, TV serials and try to do every little things which gives me pleasure. I always keep smiling. Smile solves many problems that why to be so stingy in smiling. “A smile is happiness you'll find right under your nose.”-Tom Wilso. I believe only that being happy is our birth right. Be happy and spread happiness. By sharing and giving happiness you are attracting more happiness into your life.

I hope you like it guys. May God bless you all with spiritual healthy wealthy long life and with good destiny.


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