Being Thankful Despite The Odds

By Judy • January 9, 2017

My name is Judy and I am doing a GoFundMe campaign for my mom, everyone knows her as, Kelly. The GoFundMe campaign is at:: My mom has been through a tremendous amount of pain and suffering given her ongoing, serious medical issues. She is beating the odds and fights everyday. Despite everything, she felt it important to make and deliver fruit gift baskets to all of the doctors and rehab facility offices a couple days ago, just to say "Thank you" for helping her. She has been in bed since as it wiped her out for days. She continues to struggle everyday. She tries to find the little things she is thankful for and I think this helps her continue to put one foot in front of the other. She's a trooper! My mom and I are so grateful and appreciative of everyone's help and support so far. Up to this point, with what we have raised, we have been able to pay some of the bills so far including one of the rehab center bills. Yeah! But, we still have a lot more bills and collection company notices to pay. Reaching our goal would help decrease her enormous stress and worry that I know cannot be helping her recover and get stronger. Asking for help, especially in such a public forum, is very difficult for both of us. Please share our story on facebook, twitter, your email contacts and so on. Thank you for reading our story and for your donation, if possible. Our hope is that you all have a Happy, Healthy 2017!


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