Loving Cop

By Rebecca • January 4, 2017

This is a true story. A few years ago I was down on my luck My husband and I had lost one of our incomes and it made our lives pretty tough. I tried to get odd jobs cleaning houses and babysitting but it just wasn't enough to make ends meet so I found myself panhandling for the first time in my life because I couldn't let my child go hungry. I was so embarrassed but kept praying to God for strength and asking him to let me get enough money to bring home dinner that night. Not even 10 minutes later a cop pulled up and asked what I was doing standing outside the store when I told him my situation he told me to wait a minute while he parked his cruiser. I assumed I was in some kind of trouble To my surprise the cop told me to come in the store with him and get some groceries I started to tear up this nice man was willing to buy me food. I know God had answered my prayer! Thanks to that loving cop I brought home enough food for a few days I will always be grateful for ! that selfless act of kindness. Thank you for reading my story There are a lot of kind officers out there I hope this story reminds everyone that God Bless


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