I'm Getting Adopted By My Step-Dad

By Anon • December 30, 2016

I'm super excited! I know it's weird because I'm 21 years old but this means the world to me. It's not so much that this means he can officially care for me as it is that it's taking away the rights from my piece of shit father. I know I'm an adult already and I've always considered my stepdad to be my dad but this is different. This is amazing.

This year I told my mom and step dad about my biological father sexually abusing me as a child. It's been about 16 years since the abuse and I'm making great progress. I was reluctant to tell them about it all this time because I was afraid they wouldn't react how I wanted them to. Me being adopted by my stepdad goes above and beyond of how I wanted him to react.

He was so supportive when I told him. He listened and respected my decision when I told him that I didn't want to file a report with the police. (I think it would be somewhat useless since the abuse occurred roughly 16 years ago. Our system is so flawed anyway that it discourages me...although I would absolutely love for my abuser to rot in prison.)

I feel like it's so rare for people who have not been sexually abused to understand how to comfort those who have been. Talking about sexual abuse is so taboo that it leads them to not be able to comprehend it. They either want to be a hero, blame the victim, or are so intrusive that it makes survivors relive the trauma. I have met very few people who are supportive and genuinely care to help in any way possible. (Some reddit users have been super supportive of me as well and I'm thankful for you guys reassuring me that I'm not alone.)

Anyway...I'm so proud of his response. My family is distant and we aren't vocal about our love for each other at all. We hardly ever hug or show affection/attention. This gesture shows me that he loves me as if I were his own daughter. And after signing the papers/going to court to settle it officially, I will be!!!

It gives me hope that not every single man is out to hurt me. It gives me so much strength. Since my stepdad told me he wanted to adopt me, the skies are bluer, and the days aren't so blurry. I wish that every survivor encounters someone who is kind and caring in regards to their abuse. You deserve it.


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