I Got A 100% On My Philosophy Essay!

By Anon • November 14, 2016

I guess I'll make this post inspiring by giving a little back story. I was kicked out right after high school, did nothing aside from self-abusive behaviour for two years, lost most of my friends, thought my life was over and that there was nothing for me. I decided to give life one more chance so I enrolled in a university. I took a philosophy class and it all changed. Not only do I want to live, but there's something in me that I've never felt before.

The question was is sex between humans different than sex between animals. It was the second formal essay I've ever written for university. Was hoping for a 90, but would be happy with an 85. When I looked online and saw the mark I began to yell wildly and throw my phone across the room.

Prof seemed extremely impressed, even had it set aside so he could talk to me about it. Hell, I'm extremely impressed at myself. Confirmation that my choice to major in philosophy is the right one.

So yeah, life can change! Go me!


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