Soul Shine

By Joseph J. Mazzella • September 23, 2013

If you have ever driven in the mountains on a cool, Autumn morning then you know what FOG is. I was rounding a curve today and drove right into a sea of this fog. I quickly slowed down and turned on my low beam headlights. Seeing the road ahead was now a struggle. The heavens above were gone and I felt like I had been transported into a shadow world. Everywhere I looked there was only a dismal grayness. Even the trees lining the side of the road had become frightening, ominous shapes out of some childhood ghost story. I drove on and on through the waves of murk and wondered if it would ever end.

After a while, though, the sun broke through the fog again and the world was transformed. Heavenly beams of gold now bathed the landscape. The red and yellow leaves glistened on the trees. The river alone side the road sparkled in the sunshine. Everything seemed full of light and joy once again. I smiled and drove on with a song in my heart. I thanked God too for both the sunshine and the fog, because it had taken them both to remind me again of just how beautiful this world can be.

In our lives the fog can roll in sometimes too. Things can go wrong. Problems can appear. Difficulties can continue. Pains, troubles, and trials can seem to surround us and block out all the light in this life. When this happens and the world seems covered in gray we need to remember that we too can break through the fog. We too can drive the shadows away with our love. We too can transform the world with our joy. We too can light a way through the murkiness for others to follow. God is ready and willing to fill our souls with His love and light. All He asks is that we share their shine. May all of your foggy days be brief then. May your soul shine bright. And may you forever strive to live in God's light.


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