Just Believe In Yourself

By Mr. Dude • October 31, 2016

I don't know where to start from. As everyone out there even my life experienced bad turbulence, ups and downs, and a lot of give up situations. I am an Aerospace Engineer from India. From my relatives, close friends, and other well wishers, I have been told that its hard and difficult for a non-IT student to pursue Masters in IT and graduate from an accredited US university.

I never took courses related to computers or programming. I consider myself as anti-programming person. I was never interested to be a programmer but things changed. Computers became my companion and I realized am more dependent on computers than on myself and I started imagining the back end processes happening inside the CPU and I was amazed by its thought. That's when I decided to deviate from my actual under grad degree and decided to pursue masters in IT.

Initially, it was way too difficult. Coming from a middle-class family, the huge number after the dollar sign which says cost per credit was a nightmare. My English accent was terrible. And most important, the course work seemed wonders when i had the first glance. But i never gave up, it was my father who pushed me out of my comfort zone and filled confidence in me to pursue the degree I wanted.

I got few offers and but I decided to choose this university which promised its students to help them gain the knowledge practically. During my first month it was difficult to understand the accent of native Americans and also catch up on the assignments. I never gave up, I walked 2 miles every day to the university so that I could use the travelling money to buy a happy meal. I started looking for jobs and I got an offer to work as student assistant who made me lift benches and chairs every day. So the days passed by and it got rough everyday to understand the subjects and concepts.

I took it as a challenge and never thought about the fact that i don't have money to eat or i am new to this programming degree. I believed in Hard Work that's my strength. Right now am graduating with a GPA of 3.96/4 and an employment offer from a MNC company asking me start right after my graduation.

Anyone who feel depressed or thinks they can never achieve something or some external constraints holding them back, you need to believe in your gut and start working on your dreams. Hard work always pays off. To be successful you need to start from somewhere and always question yourself on limit of how far you would go to achieve your goal.


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