It's Worth Every Minute

By Morton Family • October 24, 2016

Tessa came to me as a 13 year old. Tessa is 17 and now part of my forever family. Audrey is 2 and I brought her home from the hospital at 5 weeks old. She is our little corner brighter. I was 50 years old and really didn't think about adopting, just fostering, but as fate would have it I was able to adopt my first placement, then my second, all with their own history and personalities. Im a single retired teacher so I have the time and some expertise. I would recommend fostering to anyone that wants to see change for children with the understanding that being returned to the parent is the primary goal. Having said that, every person that I know who has fostered to adopt has gotten to do so and loves the baby that they got. Whether that baby be 17 or five weeks old, the love is still there. It's worth every minute.


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