Wedding Wonder!

By Libby • October 17, 2016

I was meeting up with one of my bridesmaids the other day to have a dress fitting, hoping upon hope that all would go smoothly. I had already had one bridesmaid say that their dress didn't fit and I know that she had a lot of experience with ordering online so I was very wary... The moment of truth came and the dress didn't fit. It was very perplexing, we were very careful with the sizing chart and checked over everything. What's worse is that my other bridesmaid would need a replacement as well because I really like to have everything matching and looking a certain way, so we were down two dresses.

With not much time to spare, I searched online and found dresses that were pretty good but didn't have a price on them so we called a supplier near to where we live. That's when I met this angel, Chantelle. The dress I saw was unfortunately too expensive. But she didn't give up, she stayed on the line and suggested a wrap around dress (something I'd never heard of as I'm not exactly a fashion expert). She even offered to measure my bridesmaid as well.

At this point I wasn't convinced and so I kept on looking but my Mum and bridesmaid persuaded me to go to Chantelle and ask about these dresses. It turns out that the dresses are from another store- not just a different supplier but a different shop entirely. It was on etsy and Chantelle got out her computer, wrote to the maker herself with the measurements and other details and then let me buy it right there in the shop. She didn't get a single penny out of it, it was out of pure kindness, something I was quite shocked by as shops always like to get a little something back.

I walked around the store and all her dresses were gorgeous, so if you have a minute (because that's all it takes) go have a look, give her page a like or a share and tell your friends about my story because she saved the day, made me feel really normal about wanting matching dresses and is very talented and willing!

Thank you so much Chantelle!


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