Sweet Sounds

By Joseph J. Mazzella • October 3, 2016

My birthday present came in the mail a little early this year and my children being the sweethearts they are let me go ahead and open it. It was a new record player to play my old records on. I set it up in my bedroom. It looked like a black briefcase but it had speakers built into the sides and when I opened it up there was a turntable ready to go. I went over to the record collection that I had kept since childhood and pulled out a 35 year old record. I took it out of its tattered jacket and placed it gently on the turntable. I pushed on the power button. Then I carefully picked up the needle and placed it on the spinning record. There was a loud hiss, pop, and crack. Then suddenly the sweet sound of music flowed from the record player into my ears and down to my soul. It was one of those moments of pure joy that makes life so wonderful. I closed my eyes and swayed to the sound. In my mind I was fourteen years old again, singing and dancing to the music in my Mom’s living room.

I opened my eyes again and smiled. My old beagle fearing that I might start singing soon turned and ran out the door. My young puppy, however, bounced around my feet and barked happily while I danced with delight to the sweet sounds coming from my birthday present.

I have been blessed by so many sweet sounds in this life. I have heard the first birds singing in the Spring. I have heard the wind whistling through the trees. I have heard my newborn babies’ first cries. I have heard children laughing and playing. I have heard the wonderful words, “I love you.” I have heard beautiful, glorious music. And I have heard the sound of God’s love flowing through my own heartbeat and all of creation. I hope to keep adding the sounds of my own love, laughter, kindness, and joy to them too. I hope to do all I can to make this earth sound a little more like Heaven. May you do so as well.


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