By C M Reddy • October 3, 2016

Today I came across the real experience of "transformation of human attitude" also a shift in their emotional disposition that would have prominent influence on their lives in future.

Today as part of paying tribute to our 'father of nation' Mahatma Gandhiji's birth anniversary I visited central prison in our town on the invitation, specifically it was arranged in the female regiment. Many of them are ranging between young to middle aged lady prisoners who gathered in the ceremony, the magnanimous part of the eve was that their children were allowed to meet their moms to spend some loving time with them. After initial courtesies some of the lady prisoners were allowed to speak and share their emotions about the bereavements of misconduct in earlier life and the accretion for the next coming life after their release.

Two of them while sharing their emotional part, have gripped the entire gathering with inspiring eloquence. No doubt they were repenting about their misdeeds, they mentioned how they lost not only precious years of their lifetime but the cheerful childhood of their siblings for not controlling their rage or abominable thoughts for a while. They admitted how the 'love, kindness and patience' keep our life safe and happy, also spreading the love and kindness among our family and people around us aggravate more delightful environment. They took a firm oath, for not going to repeat the wrong deeds or crimes in the coming future. While delivering their magnetic speech not only they, even audience got so emotional and many prisoners shed tears. But the tears have come out not because of their mournful life but because of the reason they recognised the truth and knowing very clearly that they were walking on virtuous path after taking a U turn from erroneous thoughts.

The 'transformation' was very lucid and I learnt a valid definition, changing of our attitude would happen very soon when you have bitter experiences out of your fallacious thoughts and activities.

To err is human.

To change is human.

To forgive is human.

To love is human.

It seems the Almighty often allow his children, the humans to commit mistakes only for learning from such experiences or difficulties.


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