Just Do It!

By Kay Heitsch • September 16, 2016

When I read today's quote, "Don't let your doubts sabotage your actions. Just do it!" I thought about a true story I wrote years ago. What happened by 'taking action' and 'just doing it' changed my thinking from that day until now.

One morning I was sitting on the couch doing my daily Bible study. Out of no where I had a thought to go to the corn stand at the Antique Mall. This seemed really odd to me. One reason was because the Antique Mall was in another town. Plus, I had no idea if they even had a corn stand there.

I tried to dismiss the thought, but it wouldn't go away.

Finally, I said to the LORD, "You know my heart and I really want to do what You are saying. If this is You telling me to go I want to obey, if this is not, You know my heart is right."

I got up and left everything as it was and got in the van. I drove to the Antique Mall wondering what I would find. Lo and behold, there was a corn stand. I stopped and thought, "Well, now what do I do?

The thought to get out and buy some corn came to me. Good idea! After I bought the corn I was still confused to why I was there. I put the corn in the van and noticed some inspirational booklets I had in the van. I pick one out and walked over and handed it to the girl selling corn.

With a look of surprise this girl asked, "Who sent you?" I was stunned and answered, "GOD!" When I said, "GOD" this young girl came around the counter with tears in her eyes and hugged me.

She explained that about 20 minutes earlier she had received some news she wasn't expecting. She went on to tell me that she had prayed that GOD would send someone to her. We were both amazed GOD sent me, a stranger.

I am so happy that I didn't let my 'doubts sabotage my actions' that day. Now whenever I think something may be God I "Just Do it!"


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