Speak Life With Words Of Love

By Glory Fu • September 9, 2016

I have been blessed with many good people around. One of them is my husband, Joshua. A few years ago, I was forced to quit my teaching job due to poor health. Staying at home, I felt down and useless. Joshua sensed my confidence faded little by little. One summer afternoon, he went home carrying a small-sized school white board, sweetly said to me, “You can do it again. You are a good teacher. Remember your mission. Make a comeback, and you will be better than ever before.” As I listened to his encouraging words, my tears were rolling down. He knew teaching to me was not just a job; it was meaningful to me because it’s a mission. The mission is to help my students learn more, think more and become more. Thanks to his speaking life with words of love over me, I felt inspired. I didn’t let him down. Few months after that, I went back to teach again.

Please speak with words of love to people whom you love, and to yourself, too. Let words of love spread around.


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