It Really Doesn't Matter... Just Go Do It

By DM • August 28, 2016

The huge problems you once had in life, the huge problems you will have. It really doesn't matter. You are gonna die anyway. You have a single life, The only life. The fact, that you were actually born into this world, is amazing!

There are currently around 7.1 Billion people on this planet. But think about all the people that weren't born? Think about all the people that won't be born, if there was a huge asteroid collision which would wipe out the entire population.

If you are reading this, Then think how many people didn't read this. And would never ever read this.

My point here is, you are lucky to even live. So why do you worry about trivial problems in life?

You like that Girl? Go talk to her. . .

You wanna meet new people and you suffer from anxiety? DO IT ANYWAY. Stop thinking about the negative consequences that would happen (They most likely won't too). You will be satisfied that you at least did it.

This applies to anything. Wanna quit your job and travel? GO right now!

You think it might be awkward, You think they'll think something about you? NO! Nobody actually cares about you. They got their own problems.

If you wanna do something. Do it anyway. A while ago, I was thinking if I should post this or not. But this post itself helped me post it.

You don't know when you're gonna die. So don't stress yourself. Leave the trivial problems behind. And enjoy your only life.


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