By C M Reddy • August 24, 2016

Is there any categorisation or fragmentation of "Good and Bad "people on this earth? What we see the 'good and bad' in the people around us,indeed is the reflection of our perspective and perception about them.

Right from our birth we have been nourished and fed by the so many 'likes and dislikes' which makes our opinions of good or bad about others.

"What lies in you, the search goes for the same in others" the human tendency of looking for the same aspects what we possess make the difference of good or bad tints of people.

When you analyses deeply, once what appears as 'good' in the course of time when it is available in excessive quantity it becomes 'bad' or hazardous. So good and bad traits of something are interrelated and they exchange according to the time and place.

If we emanate good qualities or give good things to others, we receive more or less the same but may not be exactly in the same form, it can be in another kind. The fact is that, the reciprocation for our words and deeds is inevitable.

There is a Sufi story goes like this, Once a city had protected walls and a big gate. At the entrance of the gate some people were sitting one day and a stranger riding the horse came near the group and asked, "What kind of people are living in this city" in reply an old wise man said " Why do you ask such question". The horse rider answered that " I have come from a city where people are indecent, having ill courtesy without helping nature, so I was perturbed and left that. I want to become resident of this city and live a new life here, how are the people". The old man concluded "Brother you better move on, the people here are more vile and wicked. They are indecent than what you saw in your city. Please find another". The horse rider left

The next day, a person on bullock cart came to the same gate and asked " How the people are here" again the old wise man retorted "How are the people in the city from where you came" the person said " my people are very generous, loving and courteous people. I wanted to live there till my death.Unfortunately my financial strength deteriorated, there was no demand for my goods and skills, I came here to make a living and after regaining my economies, I would go to my town and die". The old man smiled and said "You are most welcome to this city, the people here are more generous and loving than your city people, you can stay here as long as you wanted to be"

The onlookers were taken by surprise with the contradictory answers for the same question and were eager to know the reason from the old man. The wise man replied,

"People are just the way you are."

If you want to find loving people, you have to love others.

If you want to see kindness in others, you have to be very kind with the people.

If you want live with the Happy people, you spread and share the happiness.

Finally how you are for others, the others are also for you in the similar way.


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