Dear Lost Friend

By Irenical Mind • August 24, 2016

I envisioned this to be like a poem, so it should be read in a "poetic" and artistic sense, rather than a realistic one...

Dear Lost Friend,

I was just writing to you to inform you that I do not want to write to you, but at the same time I do. I want to inform you that I am thinking about your friendship with me everyday still. I have not fully gone over that cycle. I know that I should but I cannot. I do not know if you have gotten over it, and I really hope that you have. But I wish you knew how much you are missed...from my heart. I miss the long night talks. Talks about the universe, talks about the sun, talks about talks. It was great...back then. I used to love it when you texted me about your day. Because then I could formulate how my own day went.

And I laugh at these thoughts; because it is not to say that all of these things aren't being done still. Because they are...Just at a slower rate....At a slower heart beat. I feel as if every time I text you it is like a beat in our heart. But at the same time it feels like a vein is being tempted by a knife that I carry. And you want to pull away from it as fast as you can. And I don’t blame you. I would run too. That is why I hope that you have gotten over this friendship of ours that we had. But I still do hope that there is a slither of blood still pumping from that heart of ours.


A lone heart


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