Too Much To Be Thankful For

By Happiness Is Easy • July 30, 2016

The world of abundance. We all dream of it. I guess that's the unifying characteristic of human race - imaging the perfect system in which each and every one of us is cared for in every possible way. And if some of don't dream it for everyone, all of us dream it for ourselves. Having everything we would ever need; not worrying about money and time, oblivious of problems.

Yet, so many of us already live in a world of abundance. We have all these opportunities, knowledge and resources. Just when confronted with choice, fraction of us will turn it into a new value; majority of us will turn it into a baggage. With more weight on our shoulders we become burdened, and when you are burdened apathy and depression are not far away.

Instead of focusing on obtaining, focus more on reflecting. Try to find silver lining in everything. Don't be a runner who after finishing 5K is upset about not yet being able to to run 10K. Appreciate and celebrate every achievement you consciously commit to no matter how small in the present moment. Because if you don't eventually your brain will give up - habits can only support you if they are guided with positive emotion. The same way you guide yourself to meaningless and silly guilty pleasures, guide yourself to thankfulness.

Don't burden yourself with pointless information, busy thoughts and other distractions. Reject the baggage and push your mind toward thankfulness and acknowledging everything you've created. Then remember everything you are supposed to create. Don't fight the road ahead and challenges it brings. Be thankful that it is there. Use it as a canvas to express everything special about you. So that by the time you finish it becomes yet another thing you are thankful for and yet another guide for the majesty of your next performance.


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