By Cloe Mendoza Gerona • July 5, 2016

Sometimes, we need to forgive the person who wronged us, regardless if they apologize or not. Because, it is for our own peace of mind and it is like starting a new chapter in our life.

We don't need to cling to the wrong things they have done to us. We must be thankful that it happened and we must not cry over it again and again. We need to smile because it happened. Because when you forgive, it takes away the burden that you've been carrying. Because when you forgive, you will be happy. and because forgiving is for your personal growth.

Forgiveness, is one of the hardest thing to do. It's not an overnight effect that you can immediately forgive someone. It takes a lot of tries like, twice thrice or perhaps a couple of times. Forgiving someone is a tool for own peace. Do not prolong your agony! Life is too short to grieve over something that can be forgiven. Live life while you have it. :)


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