Coming Together

By Joseph J. Mazzella • July 5, 2016

On a day in late June it started to rain here and didn’t stop for 14 hours. When it was over flash floods had roared through our state destroying homes, businesses, roads, bridges, and towns. Many lives were lost. After it was over people walked through the mud left behind to find what few things they could. Some wept in sorrow at what they had lost. Others wept in joy when they found their loved ones alive. Some bent their heads in despair and asked “Why me?” Others lifted their heads to Heaven and said, “Father, please help us through this!”

When the waters had receded, though, an amazing thing happened. People immediately started to help each other. Some donated food, water, clothing, and cash to help those who had lost everything. Others went looking for missing people and lost pets. Still others went out in the deep mud and began to help clean up the damage. Men, women, and even children started coming together to do all they could to help. Churches were soon filled with supplies to help the flood victims and volunteers spent their days carrying those supplies to the people who needed them. Government help arrived too but before it even got here a higher help was already at work: the help of loving souls caring for their neighbors. I am sure God must have smiled down on us when He saw all of this LOVE in action.

It is incredible how often the worst things in life bring out the best things in us. The love, caring, and compassion that I have seen in these last few days has touched my soul. It has reminded me how good people really are. It has shown me once again that we are all Children of God and that we are all one family in this world. May we always come together in both good times and bad. May we always care for each other, help each other and work together to make this world a better place. May we always do all we can to fill this life with love.


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