McDonalds Smiles

By Saavedrac • September 4, 2013

Today my husband decided he wanted to have McDonald's. So I packed up my 10 year old daughter and decided to go through the drive thru and take it home. Right behind me in the drive thru was an older women who wasn't smiling and seemed flustered.

So I pull out a piece of paper and write a note. On this note it said "Everyone deserves to smile". I pull forward pay for our meals with my debit card, pull out extra cash and ask the cashier to let me pay for the lady's food behind me. My oldest looks at me confused but all I tell her is to turn around and watch what random acts of kindness can do to someone. She turns around watches and waits. We pull forward (at this time we are really holding up the line haha) I start to get our order and the lady pulls forward and starts to hand the cashier money. The cashier shakes her head no, smiles, looks at us, and hands her the note. The lady is so confused at this point it was almost funny. The lady reads the note, smiles, and starts to wipe tears from her eyes.

We get our food and start to leave when my oldest turns around with tears in her eyes and says "Mom, you notice she is by herself? Maybe we were the only ones today to show we cared. We didn't do anything big just gave her a smile and a sandwich."

I tell her that is why we should be kind because a smile may be all they have. Oh random acts of kindness thank you again for teaching me that a smile can worth a million bucks and a very good life lesson. :)


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