The Reason Her Daughter Asked To Take The Train To School

By Jamelia • June 21, 2016

So, here I am sat at the train station soaked through! But I'm not miserable at all, as my daughter has warmed my heart right up, and thought it would be nice to share... A few weeks ago, my eldest, Téja asked if we could start taking the train more regularly, I asked her "why? I would've LOVED to be driven to school every day when I was younger" she said, "well, there's a girl in year 7 who walks to school all by herself, and even though other girls take the train, nobody talks to her or walks with her, I'd like to walk with her" obviously, I agreed.

Now since then I have noticed Teja's little "walking to school club" getting gradually bigger, every morning I see a little group of about 6 or 7 girls from the younger years waiting to walk with her as we get off the train.

Now today, there is literally torrential rain, yet Teja comes in to me and says "Mummy, we're going to have to pick up our speed, we're going to miss the train" I reply "But Téj, it's pouring with rain!" She then says "I know Mummy, but they'll be waiting for me" I reply "They might be getting lifts into school too" she says "I Know, but what if they're not? it's only rain, and I can't let them down" I was genuinely filled with so much pride & admiration for her!

We got to the station, and 3 girls had waited, in the pouring rain, for my lovely daughter to arrive. Their faces beamed, they all started yapping away, and my eyes started filling up, my heart close to bursting. My youngest then pipes up, "Téja's such a lovely girl Mummy, I want to be like her when I grow up" and I said "Me Too."


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