A True Friend

By Vanessa • June 11, 2016

I changed my school and i went to study somewhere i had no idea about anything, when i reached there it was a pretty hard environment to cope up in, I wasn't into praying to even ask God to help me out but i thought maybe i was in the wrong way to be who i want to be in the future.

As time passed on,i met some friends who were the coolest in the whole wild world,they were so amazing i couldn't imagine the life at school without them it would have been the worst but i never thought of having a so called best friend and later i met one.

She is the most kind girl i have ever seen,she never believes all the bad things they tell her about me,she just drops the whole thing and whenever i am down ,she does all the funniest things in the world to make me feel blessed and happy,we met for a reason.

The way we became friends was the funniest ever, we were at the same school and we hated each other but we had many things in common.Later we started talking about One direction(we both love them) and we continued till now we know each other more than anything else.

Our friendship is from God i believe it because anytime we mess up and fight we always get together again more than many times.Some people don't have friends but they are the best experience ever.


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