By Cloe Mendoza Gerona • June 11, 2016

There are times when you feel lost and somehow you wanted to just vanish. Times that you don't want to get up to bed and you don't want to eat and you don't care about the surroundings and you don't want to deal with life and you just wanted to perish. It is just so funny how you feigned so much attention of being okay, but deep inside you are wholly broken. You tried to paint a smile on your face and imitate a boisterous laughter and pretend you're having a good life where in reality, you are suffering from anxiety.

You don't even know what is really happening to you. You're trying to be good and do the normal things just the normal people do. But, no matter what you are up to, still you don;t have peace inside your heart. SOmethings really happening internally that you cannot explain and you couldn't disclose to anyone. It is so silly thinking that you don't know yourself quite well. There are some certian feature of you that you just don't embrace because you wanted to create a different YOU. You wanted to resist that particular feature, but keeps on haunting you so bad, leading you to act some unacceptable demeanor.

However, all you have to do is to trust the almighty in everything you are into. Like, when you feared that your other hidden side will show up; you don't need to worry because you know you're well guided by the man up above. No matter what is your life now, you need to believe that everything will be alright. everything has a perfect timing and God has plans for you in everything.

For now, stop bothering. Live your life well and have faith in God in everything.


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