Things That Make Your Life Worth Living

By Sonia Kaur • May 21, 2016

There are tremendous of things in life which fill the life full of happiness but we lack to realise them like God, smile, fun, family, friends, love, learning, passion, charity etc etc.

God- God is the most important part of our life without him we are incomplete. Wherever you go, how much friends, love, money, family you have still you need God.

Smile how much and as much as you can. Smile is itself a feel good feeling. Smile produce love and love itself is a happiness.

"Love is the best medicine". Very true. There is lack of love in the world because people think that materialistic things are worth for enjoying a life. Materialistic things are necessity of life but not the need of life. Life is incomplete without love. Ask yourself, Do you have enough love in your life? Answer is big NO.... you yourself feel loneliness, lack of care, lack of love inside. So the world thinks!!

Sharing- I have read in a book that sharing makes you selfless and not sharing makes you selfish. Sharing increases love, happiness and frienship.

Laugh like a kid. How long have you laughed like a kid with wide open mouth. I think its been a long time ago. Right??? do every thing which your heart wants to do but you hesitate, what people will going to say, how I look doing so. You always stop yourself in being a fake personality. Break all the barriers within you and be who you are. You don't like fake people so people don't like. Show your true self. Climb a tree, play with water, dance, sing a loud Whether you can or can't. Listen to loud music, waste colors on the canvas and make a masterpeice, every time you don't need rules to follow.

Enjoy everything. Life is full of colors and we always run after what we don't have. Its ok chasing your passion is not bad and ignoring your present and everything which we are granted from God without asking is not so good. Eat whatever you like, wear your favorite cloths at home because nobody has seen what tomorrow will bring, hang out with friends etc. Whatever you have will not last forever, whatever comes will go even siblings never live together forever, they will also depart after marriage and busy in their family so enjoy everything and make sweet memories before you loose them and repent.

Greet everything with a big smile because there is a reason and surprise behind everything.

Be yourself- I had read in an article that your face, voice, style, personality, ideas, talent, everything is unique then why to be like other. No one in the world is like you only you are like you and only you can take your place. God has made you like this and god never make mistakes. You are perfect the way you are. Be yourself.

Charity- charity begins at home.... charity doesn't mean to help only poor, it means to give whatever you have. You can give smile, love, money, food, helping anyone animals as well. Without charity one miss internal happiness. You can get anything by giving. You can fullfil your desire. You will give from your pocket and God will give you from his pocket.

Learning- be a good learner and learn as much as you can. Life is too short to learn everything. Listen because by listening you can learn a lot.

Talent- we all are gifted plenty of talents by god. You are recognised by your talent in society. Talent is one color of life enhance it and enjoy.


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