You Are Dead

By CAP034 • April 25, 2016

One day you are going to die. It might not be today, it might not be a year from now. It will happen, though. The problem is that some of you are already dead. You died the moment you decided what ever lesser standard that is killing you is what you will settle for. You committed spiritual suicide the second you ceased the progress or drive that was previously sending you to your dreams.

When you died, what died with you? What goals and ideas went into the ground never to be seen by the world? What legends and events were never witnessed by the society around you? What successes, triumphed addictions, life works and legacies were never felt by you? You may never know unless you decide to come back from the dead.


As long as there is air in your lungs and a will in your heart, there is a means to accomplish the dreams that have ferociously plagued your mind from the day they laid seed in your spirit. They will not be over come through a New Year's resolution or an over night effort but rather through the grueling yet rewarding good habits that give birth to the character that you always hoped of undertaking.

You can breath life into what you previously put to death. What ever has happened before, what ever reason you died, no longer matters. What matters is what you do with the breath you have left today. Some day you really will die. You will be dead and there will be no coming back. What you do between now and then will be what determines if you will be remembered.

So rise. Live while you still can.


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