4-Hope Of Massachusetts, Inc. Supports People Dealing With Critical Illness/Sudden Loss...All Over The Country And Beyond!

By Emily Pember • August 11, 2013

Gordon-Conwell student, Emily Pember, started 4-Hope of Massachusetts, Inc. at the start of this year as a way to support people dealing with critical illness/sudden loss. Born with Spina Bifida, Pember has dealt with her own health challenges...including over 15 surgeries. She has also dealt with a lot of loss of family members and friends. As a Partner in Hope with St. Jude Children's Hospital, Pember came to know of a lot of different stories of families who were celebrating holidays/birthdays early because their loved one would most likely not live to celebrate the actual holiday. That is where the idea for Celebrations4Hope, one of the 4 pieces of 4-Hope of Massachusetts, Inc., came from. Pember also has a love for writing and encouraging and was already doing so before this all came about...but she wondered if it would be possible to put together a team that would send encouragement to people dealing with critical illness/sudden loss...and Letters4Hope, the first piece of 4-Hope of Massachusetts, Inc., was born. Gifts4Hope is what Pember hopes will turn into an online gift store run by people's donations. Reach4Hope, the final piece of 4-Hope of Massachusetts, Inc., is an outreach page. Individuals and families dealing with critical illness/sudden loss can let 4-Hope of Massachusetts, Inc. know of some kind of practical need they have and volunteers can contact us if they can help fulfill that need. For more information, check out 4-hopeofmassachusetts.org or call 978-233-1494.


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