Loving And Losing

By DJ • March 17, 2016

It is always a great feeling when you have a best friend. To talk to, to care for you, and to grow with. But sadly, there is always the common circumstance of losing that best friend. That's just life and it is very possible to go your separate ways. Yes, it might not happen, but there's still always the fear of losing a close friend that you hold dear.

About 5 years ago, I met my best friend. Him and I were inseparable. We were a duo. As we got older, we got more distant, but that doesn't mean we aren't best friends. We argue, but that doesn't mean we aren't best friends. Just because we have other friends doesn't mean we aren't best friends. It's kind of a cycle, if you think about it. Organized chaos. Some friends come, some friends go. Some stay, some don't. It's all a matter of chance.

Everybody has a different life, a different family, and different responsibilities and that is respected. My best friend and I have gone through tough times. We have matured together, cried together, laughed together... you name it. Every day, there are so many different ways it could start and so many different ways it could end. It all depends on who's starting and ending that day.

As I was saying, loving and losing is very common in a lifetime. No matter what, there will be change, but change is not always bad.

"Everything stays right where you left it. Everything stays, but it still changes. Every so slightly, daily and nightly. In little ways, everything stays."

-Everything Stays by Rebecca Sugar.


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