Focus On

By C M Reddy • February 24, 2016

Everyone has one or more aspirations and objectives in their lifetime to fulfill or reach. Sooner the seeding of dreams occurred in our mind then we immediately plunge into the action. But attaining the desired objective involves not only precise planning, rigorous discipline and stern hard work but also undeterred confidence and indomitable determination.

During the course of our journey towards the destination we encounter innumerable hardships and distractions. Overcoming hardships is part our journey but avoiding the distractions and deviations is a little arduous as they divulge our energies by making us weak in accomplishing our goals.

Take the case of completing a course of academics, we have to follow the curriculum, listening to lessons and finally taking up the examinations to score. This process appears to be easy but during this period we should have steadfast concentration on the subjects and this concentration maybe deflected due to personal relationship problems or lack of sufficient finances. So the longing troubles do not keep us in complacency and certainly have impact on our work. So they avert our energies and disintegrate our confidence.

Sometimes Health problems cause the delays in finishing our works. In some cases we would be criticised for our plans and actions by our adversaries. Some people who have love or enemiety hang on us perpetually and come in our way towards our reaching point. If you take the instances of natural elements like Rain, Wind, Heat, Cold and Snow fall they also abort our strategies and preparations to fulfill our task.

Inspite of all these hindrances or hazards the only key point to our Success is 'Focus'. Focusing all our physical and mental energies on our planing and preparation would lead us to the destiny. The diversions or distractions on our journey may they are natural hardships or troubles created by people surely they will result in deterioration of our energies and make us debilitated.

The unflinching determination and indomitable confidence drive us to walk on our path to success. The Focus we have in our planning and hard work guide us through righteous passage to accomplish our objective. Wasting our vital energies on frivolous things on our course of realising our dreams certainly dilute our strength.

Paulo Coelho said, "When you want something intensely, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

Almost all the success stories have the common quality of achieving the big things despite all odds and troubles only by having resolute focus which in turn grasp all concentration and energies to put in our work.


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